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First Shot in the New Year – Goldcard’s Great Breakthrough in the Overseas Market

Recently, Goldcard signed a strategic cooperation agreement and a purchasing framework agreement with TCL INTERNATIONAL, INC. These agreements promote Goldcard’s development in accurate measurement and smart gas markets of Latin America, laying solid foundation for smart gas construction in Latin America,as a great start for Goldcard to enter overseas markets in 2018.

Natural gas is quite popular as a type of clean fuels. With the quantity of prospected natural gas increasing and the drilling techniques improving, the popularization of natural gas has become an unstoppable trend. According to statistics, the total natural gas consumption in the world will be 4.78 trillion m3 in 2035.

Benefiting from the development of Chinese economy, Goldcard insists on going global and being trendsetting in global gas digitalization waves with its strong R&D capabilities and the high level intelligent manufacturing.

Early in 2015, Goldcard has obtained gas meter type evaluation from NMi and became the second gas meter enterprise that obtained OIML authentication in the world, winning the ticket for entering global gas meter markets. In 2017, INACAL gave a high appraisal to Goldcard’s automatic manufacturing lines, connected machines, Industry 4.0 manufacturing, and advanced lab testing capabilities after their site audit to Goldcard. The director of INACAL, Mr. Dajes, said that Goldcard was exactly the excellent supplier that they were looking for.

The agreement signing indicates that Goldcard has made a great breakthrough in the overseas markets, which is also an important milestone for Goldcard to go global. Goldcard will spare no effort to contribute to the development of smart gas in Latin America and the whole world.

Goldcard, make life better!

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